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HG1-semi-finish/finish/rough system

Up to 1,600 SDFM speed capability

The tools used in the speed range of the whisker ceramics are longer

Better wear resistance and wear resistance than ceramic

Surface finish and whisker ceramics

HG2 complete

10-15 times speed and carbide

Better wear resistance and resistance than CDBNs

Surface treatment of hard alloy surface

Strong brazing technology

More rigid tool life and superior surface decoration than whisker ceramics

In the recommended application, it is harder than the ceramic tile

Higher speed, higher productivity

Compared with whisker ceramics, the superior physical properties of HG1 allow you to increase the speed; It could be as high as twice as fast as ceramics; Increased productivity and the potential to offset the need for additional equipment to meet the growing demand.

At higher cutting speeds, chips can easily break through, and are usually continuous chips of HRSDA materials. The result is more efficient removal of the chip.

The tool lives longer

Stainless steel end mill of high hardness, good thermal conductivity, and compared with ceramic whisker strength increase, in applied to the typical ceramic whisker speed, feed and cutting depth, can significantly prolong tool life.

Suitable for a wide range of high temperature alloys

BIDEMICS has been successful

Chromium nickel alloy 718

Chromium nickel alloy 625





Speed up slot operation

VGDW style open slot insertion is now available

The excellent wear resistance and durability of HG2 lead to better performance than CDBN or tungsten carbide.


Compared with whisker ceramics, the end mill tool life is greatly extended

The cutting speed of the ceramic is twice as fast

Surface finish is more than whisker ceramics

Suitable for powder metallurgy alloy

Tips for HG1

Stainless steel end mill is excellent in Inconel 718 and Inconel 625.

JX1 can withstand small interrupts and smooth scale.

Slower feed prices in the corner bring stability.