GD600 Wire coil packing machine with trolley

This wire coil packing machine is much more suitable for large and heavy steel wire coil,stranded wire coils,with movable trolley for coil loading& offloading.Different wrapping material can be choose according to your needs. Jinglin is dedicated to provide quality machines with wonderful performance, simple operation and low costs.


    1.PLC with program and HMI operation makes machine able to do automatic packing.

    2.The machinery functions can be operated both by touch screen and control buttons.

    3.Simple operation by imputing OD. ID. width & corrected parameter of the coil in the screen, other parameters will be set automatically.

    4.Trolley for convenient loading and unloading of the coils,safe and reliable.

    5.Both manual and automatic working mode can be choose.

    6.Ring speed and roller speed are adjustable by converters. The overlap range of the packing tape can also be adjusted.

    7.The turning ring height could be adjusted to suit for different coil OD .

    8.Packaging tension is adjustable.

    9.Protective rollers to protect the coils from shaking or collapse. The rollers are wrapped by polyurethane for long time use.

    10.The packing tape length is calculated by PLC and cut automatically according to different coil size.

    11.Indicator alarms automatically when trouble occurs. Trouble can be shown automatically.

    12.The friction between wheels and ring is adjustable.

    13.brake for the tape release device to avoid material folding.

    14.Guardrails, soft start and soft stop functions for safe operation.

    15.Overloading protection.

    16.Difference packing material can be choosing.



    Coil width: ≤600mm

    Coil OD:800-1500mm

    Coil ID: 508 mm

    Coil weight: 100-3000kg

    Roller speed: Approx. 2.5m/min

    Rotating speed: Approx. 20-80r/min

    Power output: Approx. 6.0kw

    Overlap rate: 20%~90%

    Power supply: 380V, Three-phase five line

    Air supply: 6~8kgf/cm2

    Power voltage: 380V/50Hz 3phase

    Packing Material: woven tape/plastic tape/knit paper/VCI paper/ HDPE belt, etc.

     Material ID:55mm   OD:100-400mm    Width:100mm



       Converter-SIEMENS, Sensor–Autonics;

       Encoder-Omron, Pneumatic element-:AIRTAC;

       Main motor-Yongkun/DONLI(Taiwan);

       Switch、button、Contactor- Schneider.


    Guarantee value:

    1. Ring speed: 20-80r/min
    2. Wrapping effect: Product surface is tidy, smooth and even.

    Working hours of the machine

    Effective working hour per year: 7200h.

    Environmental protection

    Noise control: Meet with the national requirements.

    Emission standard

    Emission of the waste gas and waste water: meet with national requirements.

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