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Why Manual Package Will Be Replaced By Packing Machine Gradually?

With the development of economic, the requirement for outside package in metallurgical industry becomes stricter, packing speed required is faster than before. So the machine package becomes more and more important than manual package nowadays.


Here I will detail explain why manual package will be replaced by packing machine gradually. 

Disadvantage of manual package:

1. Slow and low efficiency

2. As usual, steel coil is very heavy, so for its packing by manually: One hand it is great labor intensity, package uneven, difficult to achieve standardization; on the other hand, the security risk is big for operation workers.

3. Cost of labor is higher and higher and the management of them becomes more and more difficult.

4. Now various metallurgical industry manufacturers adopt the packing machine for wrapping.


Advantage of packing machine:

1. Fast and high efficiency.

2. Safe and convenient operation, can achieve the automatization.

3. Packed object looks smooth, tidy and beautiful, improve the products’ competitiveness and additional value greatly.

4. Packing machine can match with your production line to achieve automatic packing.


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