Brief Introduction of Stretch Film Wrapping Machine.

Statistic data indicates that the need of stretch wrapper machinery in Central Asia increased explosively. There are some Chinese companies accelerate the export speed of it. During the “Enterprise Communication from Central Asia and Xin Jiang Building Materials Industry”, many businessmen from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrghyzstan and etc. are willing to purchase the stretch wrapper from China.

The news is from Exhibition and custom date. It shows that these years, there is a rapid development tendency of machine in Tajikistan. The machines export from Karasu port to Tajikistan has been increased greatly year by year.

Many businessmen have percept that there is a good business opportunity in this market. From 2003 year, Many company has hold four periods stretch wrapper machinery exhibitions, attracted many Eastern China and Central Asia businessmen. The next fifth period will be hold, the machine’s category and area will be the most plentiful one.

This opportunity will greatly promote the machine industry’s development, not only the stretch wrapper machinery, but also packaging machinery for pallet wrapping in transportation....

Main Products
    1. steel coil wrapping machine
    2. Coil Wrapping Machine The coil wrapper adopted knit belt and paper for surface wrapping packing.
      It is an economic coil wrapper for wire coil.
    1. pipe wrapping machine
    2. Stretch Wrapping Machine This pipe wrapping machine is a part of pipe packing line. It can be connects to strapping system for bundling and wrapping.
    1. pallet wrapping machine
    2. Pallet Wrapping Machine Our pallet wrapping machine is pre-stretch wrapping equipment with film, It is efficiency packing equipment for pallet packing.
    1. Automataic pallet wrapping machine
    2. Automatic Pallet Wrapping MachineThis automatic pallet wrapping machine with on line operation. The conveyor for loading and unloading from production to warehose.
    1. tilter
    2. 180° Tilter
    3. The tilter for changing the product position with 180 degree. it  adopts special double chain drive, oblique gear and worm speed reducer.